George's Random Astronomical Object


This podcast as well as all associated audio files, all associated text on the website, and the website design itself are copyrighted by George J. Bendo, but all audio files are free to download for personal use.



The intro and outro music is Immersion by Sascha Ende, which is distributed by For episodes 1-49, this music was used under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution License. From episode 50 onwards, the music has been used under an extended license purchased from the website.

The podcast includes multiple sound effects from The Freesound Project. Each episode's webpage identifies the usernames of the members of the Freesound Project who provided the audio files. Any audio files from the Freesound Project that are used in this podcast are have been released in the public domain.



The webpages use the Montreal font, which is distributed under an SIL Open Font License and is available for download as a zip file. This zip file was originally downloaded from the Open Font Library.

The favicon (the icon next to the title at the top of the browser) is based on clip art from and was created using the Favicon Generator website.

The webpages with the shownotes for each episode include the Aladin Sky Atlas image viewer, which was developed by the Centre de Donnees astronomiques de Strasbourg. The images displayed within the image viewer retain their own copyrights.

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Last update: 09 January 2023